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Furnished Student Apartment

We did a Re-style after proper decluttering and cleaning, using some of the flat's furniture as it is rented out furnished, and added plants and accessories to round it off.

It was amazing to see how the re-style had an effect on the light of the flat.  We did not repaint, but even the walls looked fresh.

The photos were both taken with the same phone camera.  

It just shows what a difference a stage makes.

Office Building

I worked at this office until middle 2020.  They had the best architects and interior designers for the project, but I could choose the appliances and crockery for the kitchens, the indoor plants, and final touches to add warmth. 

I loved it.  Perhaps I finally realised here how much I enjoy to transform and add life to a space. I will forever be greatful for the time at La Gratitude. 

Kitchen - painted white

Wish we could do a style after this kitchen was painted white, but as the owners decided to stay on, it was only painting and new door handles.  

Still a great improvement.

It's great that we could keep the original cupboards to not waste.  It looked like a new kitchen afterward.

Re-used old White plugs

Black plugs go on black walls. But we believe to re-use what one has, instead of always buying new items. So we unscrewed the white plugs, prepped them by washing the non-electrical parts, and then spray painted everything visible with black spray paint.  It is what was available.  If we could choose, we would've bought a charcoal instead of black.  But we still love it better than the white, even with the wrong 'tone'.

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