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  • In-person or telephonic consultations to provide interior advice, but mainly to choose the correct package to suit your desired outcome. 

  • After this meeting, we will formulate an action plan and quotation.

  • Traveling cost to your home, within a radius of 15km from Stellenbosch, Western Cape.


Not Included / Additional extras:

+ Sourcing of products 

+ Providing lists of providers, stockists, products, plans, etc.
    If you'd like to DIY, look at this package


If you decide to go ahead with Set the Stage SA, a package will be chosen based on your budget and the desired outcome.   In this case, the consultation fee will be deducted from the chosen package if it was already paid.

If you decide to not go ahead with Set the Stage SA, you will only be responsible to pay for the Consultation fee.

Upgrade / Reno / Decorating
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Upgrades, Renovations, Design

Get in touch to discuss your project.  I will personally see to it that you are happy with the end result.

Have a look at our finished projects here 

This might include:​

   - Bathroom upgrades 

   - New cabinetry in bedroom / kitchen / office / pantry / garage (includes 3D visuals before we start

   - Establishing a new home office

   - Home renovations

   - Project management

   - Installing new floors

   - Design and manufacture 

   - Space planning 


  • Consultation to discuss your project, lifestyle and budget, and measure up the space 

  • Work to be done will then be quoted, and actioned accordingly

DIY Home Staging Package
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DIY / Doing It Yourself (but you need some guidance)


  • 1-hour initial Consultation for planning purposes

  • A 1-hour follow-up meeting to Walk-and-Talk through 4 rooms in your home (or have a video call) to discuss options.

  • Colours, flooring, furniture, wall art and layout options that you are considering can be discussed to assist you in the decision phase (have all your options/photos ready for this meeting)

  • You take notes during the walk-and-talk or video call.

  • You make the changes as per your notes.

  • 1-hour Final Walk-through to help with some final decisions that you still need to make.


Not Included / Additional extras:

+ Additional rooms over and above the included 4 rooms (R400/room)

+ Sourcing of products 

+ Providing lists of providers 

+ De-clutter, simplify, organise



Mainly for furnished homes, new builds, and renovations.

In-person walk-through in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas, up to a 20km radius

The consultation fee is included in the package price 

Product Sourcing & Moodboard
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Vision board

Your vision board is the map of your home's interior dream destination.  It's always beneficial to have a vision and a plan. Especially when you're decorating your home. This way you will know exactly what to look out for when you shop.  And when discounts cross your path, you will not buy items that don't fit the vision of your home. This way you will save money and have a clutter-free and beautiful home. One that has your well-planned heart written all over it.


Included in the Vision Board Package:

  • An initial meeting to walk through your home and get to know you and your interior style

  • A very detailed and comprehensive vision board of 4x chosen rooms with all the changes you need to make in order to accomplish your dream 'look' - keeping your budget in mind, as well as how much change you'd like to see.

  • Detail like product names/codes, where you can buy every item, where to use it, how to install it, or what you can do to accomplish the look. 

  • Your vision board can be edited up to 3 times until you are happy with the 'look'


Not Included / Additional extras:

+ Additional rooms over and above the included 4 rooms (R1050/room)

+ Travel fees if living outside of Stellenbosch (PPQ)

Furnished Home Staging
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Home Staging - Furnished / Semi-furnished home

We stage 3 key rooms which will make the biggest impact.  The goal is to Set the Stage for a statement, and in order to accomplish this, we prefer that all prescribed additions are actioned.


  • 1-hour Initial Walk-through of your home to get an action plan and identify any addisional work that needs to be done in order to successfully stage the home.

  • We go home to plan the identified 3x key rooms' layout (usually the main bedroom, kitchen, and lounge) and decide if any addisional artwork, furniture, etc is necessary for the desired outcome (in which case you will be quoted).

  • Rearrange, Restyle, and Staging the above key rooms in your home using your furniture, accessories, and artwork.

  • Basic organising / decluttering of all visible areas to improve aesthetic appeal 

  • Basic cleaning of the key rooms - light dusting and wiping 

  • In-person walk-through in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas, up to a 15km radius.


Not Included / Additional extras:

+ Additional rooms @ R900/room

+ Deep cleaning (windows, floors, lights, furniture, corners, bathrooms, kitchen, etc) (PPQ)

+ De-clutter, tidy, simplify - if basic organising won't cut the deal

+ Renting or Buying furniture / accessories / flowers / house plants (PPQ)

+ Paintwork, handyman, renovation or any other maintenance work (PPQ)

+ Designing any new installs, from bathroom reno's, kitchen revamps, cupboards, etc.

+ Delivery / Travel fees when renting additional furniture (PPQ)

+ Travel fees when living outside of Stellenbosch area (PPQ)



Mainly for furnished or newly built homes where the owner has furniture.

Vacant Home Staging
Purple dot.png

Home Staging - Vacant / Empty Home

Making a (vacant) House a Home in one to two days
(this is a Staging package, but can also be used as a Furnishing package for a home you'd like to keep...and this could take longer than a day or two)



  • 1-hour Initial Walk-through.  Available in person, or via a Whatsapp video call / Zoom / Teams

  • Home Furniture and Accessory planning for all key rooms

  • Home Furniture and Accessory sourcing from our exclusive suppliers and partners

  • Order, Arrange, and Schedule delivery (and after-stage pick-up of rented items if staging a house to sell) of all furniture and accessories

  • Once delivered, we unpack and arrange all the furniture, accessories and artwork in your house as planned (if living far from Stellenbosch, this can be done by you according to the layout plan provided by us)

  • If Staging is to sell, it can be ready for the photographer the next morning.  In larger or more luxurious homes, a second day might be necessary

  • If Staging is to sell, the stage will be for 5 days, two weeks or month-to-month
    (Our service fee is the same for all staging durations, but the renting price for the furniture, accessories, and plants will be affected by the stage duration)

  • If Staging is to sell, de-staging of the home afterward is also included


Mandatory Extras if Staging to Sell:

+ Monthly Furniture, accessories and plant hire fees + VAT - Payment before Stage (PPQ)

+ Insurance for all the rented items is for your own account - proof that it was added must be sent via email on the day before installation

+ Once off Delivery / Travel fees when renting additional furniture - Payment before Stage (PPQ)

Not included / Additional Extras:

+ Deep cleaning (windows, floors, lights, corners, bathrooms, kitchen) (PPQ)

+ Any handyman, maintenance, renovating or painting work (PPQ)

+ Renting or Buying furniture, accessories, fruit bowls, flowers, and plants (PPQ)

+ Once off Travel fees when living outside of Stellenbosch (PPQ)

+ Landscaping maintenance (PPQ)

+ Swimming Pool cleaning (PPQ)

Declutter / Organise Service
Gold dot.png

Organise, Simplify, Tidy


  • Consultation to discuss the project and start planning

  • Proper organising of a space (can be a room, closet, cupboard, or garage)

  • Staged photographs of items you'd like to sell so that you can simply post them on the platform(s) of choice to get some cash in your pocket. We clean and stage, you sell.

  • A list of all material necessary.  This can include boxes, baskets, containers, labels, paint, hooks, and brackets, for everything that you will keep. You may provide these, or we can source new items for you.


Not included / Additional Extras (these will be discussed during consultation)

+ New material sourced and used, but we can source and buy the items for you (PPQ)

+ Removal of all 'junk' from the property (PPQ)

NB:  We don't sell your items 

NB:  Owner to determine which items should be sold / gifted / stored / removed before we start (we can provide a labelling system to make this easy)

Pink Bow Dot.png


Birthdays, Christian functions, or Work functions (we set the stage, we do not cater)


What this entails:

  • 1-hour consultation to find out what you have in mind

  • Plan, source, hire and stage your function so that you can simply arrive (PPQ)

  • We work according to your budget 

  • We set the stage at your home, your office, or another location of choice. 



Not Included / Additional extras:

- We do not source venues, we specialise in staging your venue.

- We do not cater, but we can help you find a caterer.

+ Once-off Travel fees if outside of Stellenbosch 

Function Decor
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